Runway Improvements in Progress at Shiloh Airport

Several improvements are taking place at Rockingham County, NC’s Shiloh Airport (KSIF).

First, the airport is currently completing a $3.6 million project to repave the runway.  That project was funded by a N.C. Board of Transportation in the summer of 2017.

Those funds are being used to rehabilitate and strengthen Shiloh Airport’s runway. The existing runway has been ground, removed, and the new sub-surface and surface installed.   The previous runway was over 30 years old with numerous deep cracks in the surface and separation in places.

Additionally, in December 2017 Shiloh learned that it was one of 11 airports in North Carolina to receive state funding to make improvements.  The airport is receiving $266,400 for apron rehabilitation from the N.C. Department of Transportation’s Division. The apron is the area of an airport where planes are parked, refueled and boarded or unboarded.

This improvement will increase safety and allow Shiloh to better serve the pilots, passengers, and businesses that use the airport.  Local airports are a critical part of the transportation system and these projects will improve the link between our state and national and global markets.  Shiloh is one of 72 publicly owned airports in the state.

The photos below show the early stages of the runway grinding and repaving, which is currently in progress: