Tour the Karastan Mill in Eden

Did you know that Karastan in Eden offers plant tours?

Some of our Economic Development & Tourism staff recently spent the morning touring the one-million-square-foot plant in Eden.  The facility includes the original, 90-year old portions of the mill as well as the addition constructed for an expansion about three years ago.

Tours of the plant will give visitors a first-hand look at the hands-on detail that goes into those beautiful Oriental rugs from start to finish.  You will also learn that these rugs are a true “green” product, made of 100% wool and woven with 100% cotton. The tour gives you a much better appreciation for the quality of Karastan’s rugs and carpet, which is simply unmatched by the numerous cheaper products available in today’s marketplace.

The tour also gives you a look at modern manufacturing with the newly added aircraft carpeting capacity.  This is where you will see light-weight carpet being made for airlines such as Delta and United.

The best part of the tour is seeing the friendly faces of Karastan’s employees.  Many of the employees have been there for 20 years or more.

The Karastan mill opened in Eden in 1928.  Today, Karastan remains a vital industry to Eden and Rockingham County with over 200 employees.  2018 marked 90 years since Karastan began making the first high-quality, machine-made Oriental rugs in Eden and Rockingham County.

Now a division of Mohawk Industries, Karastan has continued as an innovator, implementing new technology to refine its manufacturing process but the result remains the same:  elegant, machine-made rugs that rival their handmade counterparts.

In 2015, Mohawk announced it would expand the Karastan plant in Eden, creating more than 100 new jobs and investing $8 million in improvements in the plant to add environmentally friendly and aircraft carpet manufacturing capability.   This expansion represents a revitalization of one of Eden’s and Rockingham County’s legacy companies and local officials believe it helped secure Karastan’s future here.  Currently, the company is the largest manufacturer of aircraft carpet in the United States.