Small Business Spotlight: Cold War Concealment’s Handcrafted Holsters

Cold War Concealment, LLC began making handcrafted firearm holsters and other related gear about two years ago in Stoneville.  Owner Clif Messick is a 20-year veteran of the U.S Air Force and started the company out of his own need to find a quality firearm holster.

“After serving in the Air Force, I spent several years working as an auto technician.  It was during that time that I needed a holster and couldn’t find one that I liked.  I decided to try to build my own, and one thing led to another, and here we are,” said Messick.

Cold War Concealment carries a variety of in-stock, ready- to-ship holsters as well as magazine and tourniquet carriers.  Messick also builds custom holsters for individual customers and law enforcement agencies.  Currently, the company only makes inside-the-waistband firearm holsters.  All products are 100% American made from plastic materials such as Boltaron, Kydex and Royalite HG.  

Since he started the company, Messick has worked with two local law enforcement agencies to create custom solutions.  He worked with the Mayodan Police Department to create a custom holster to use with the officers’ Ruger side arms.  The Mayodan PD outfitted its department with the holsters and other related gear.

“I’m excited that my small business has been able to help not only a local police department solve a problem, but also to support Ruger, a major industry,” adds Messick.

Messick also worked with Sheriff Page to create a custom tourniquet holster for all his deputies.  This holster now allows Rockingham County Sheriff’s deputies to carry tourniquets on their belts or in their vests so they can easily access them when responding to an emergency. 

All Cold War Concealment holsters are built using CNC molds to fit the weapon exactly.  This allows the holster to be as compact as possible and completely cover the trigger guard.  The products are sold online, at gun shows or by contacting the company.

Messick says he hopes to grow the company and be able to create jobs.  He is planning to add new items such as a fabriclip (for use without a belt); outside-the-waistband holsters; and custom prints.

“If you choose Cold War Concealment to supply your holsters, you are buying an American made product from a disabled veteran owned business. Each holster is individually hand crafted for your weapon, made from the highest quality made in the USA materials. The result is a holster you can use with confidence for years to come,” said Messick.

Learn more about Cold War Concealment at and follow the company’s Facebook page.