Small Business Spotlight: Carolina Dune Buggies

Rockingham County, NC (August 14, 2020) – At the age of 13, Tony Edwards, owner of Carolina Dune Buggies (CDB) in Eden, NC, knew he had a love for cars, specifically VW. By age 14 he was building engines and wiring buggies, a trade he learned from his grandfather who he affectionately refers to as his hero. Edwards’ pure enjoyment and excitement for building is what ultimately led him back to building engines and dune buggies in his adult years and led to the creation of Carolina Dune Buggies.

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Edwards started CDB in 2013 with his friend Boyd Higgs. In 2016, Edwards bought out Higgs and relocated to his current facility on Moir Street in Eden. CDB provides top of the line fiberglass bodies, chassis, and accessories to dune buggy, kit car, and VW markets. When a customer comes in or calls, CDB is able to build everything from the ground up, specific to the needs and wants of the customer including color, carpet, seats, upholstery, and even tires. Once Edwards and his crew finish the build, the customer is driving off, with the biggest smile, none the less, in a truly custom, one of a kind, piece of work.

CDB is known worldwide for their parts and building skills. There is not a week that goes by that they do not receive a call from customers in other states and/or countries inquiring about making their dream of owning a dune buggy a reality.

“Who would have ever thought Rockingham County would be on the map worldwide for its availability of dune buggy parts?” questioned Edwards. “I am truly amazed at how this business has taken off over the years and even now. It brings me such joy to see the excitement on a customer’s face when they are finally able to drive their dune buggy out of the shop. It reminds me that I am in the business of not just building dune buggies, but I’m in the business of building dreams.”

Prior to the COVID pandemic, Edwards averaged 30 to 40 calls a day pertaining to parts and custom orders. Amidst COVID, business has surprisingly flourished with an increased call volume of approximately 50 to 60 calls per day.

“So many folks are laid off right now and have extra time on their hands. Many are using this time to bring their dream to a reality and to have something to look forward to each day,” suggested Edwards.

For inquiries about building your dream, email Carolina Dune Buggies is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

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