Check the “lay of the land” in Rockingham County industry and you’ll see growth across the community and across multiple sectors. Innovative companies matched with industrious workforce teams are proving an unstoppable combination. And another important factor for growth: Community support.

A pro-business community in a pro-business state—a state recognized as one of the best in the nation for business climate—Rockingham County does more than appreciate local industry, we value it, and we do everything possible to add value, at the city, county, regional and state level. We pull together to put together the support that keeps our existing industries growing and thriving.

That means critical alignment of needs and skills through a strategic partnership between NC Works, Rockingham Community College, Rockingham County Economic Development and the Northwest Piedmont Workforce Development Board. Together we work in collaboration with local industry. We listen, and we respond.

That also means commitment to growth supported by a portfolio of expansion-specific services that include:

One North Carolina Fund (OneNC): A powerful tool for growth, this discretionary cash grant program is awarded by the NC Department of Commerce on behalf of the Governor working in collaboration with local officials.  The One NC fund was critical to Albaad USA’s expansion of its wet wipes manufacturing operation, and for Karastan’s expansion of its rug-making plant; One NC contributed $785,000 toward Karastan’s $8 million project.

RetentionWorkforce training and retraining: When you’re ready to expand, whether it’s physical plant or product line, the same great service available to new industry is available for training or retraining existing employees through the Incumbent Worker Training and Job Development Training grants. Deploying a Job Development Training grant, Loparex made a key expansion in its operation making coated papers and films.

Grants: The Rockingham Economic Development team remains alert and active for new grant opportunities, such as the Golden Leaf Grant and the Rural Center Building Reuse Grant, which the team procured for the Karastan expansion.

Worker training, incentives and grants: You’re in a good place to grow in Rockingham County.