Testimonial_Bridgstone“Bridgestone Aircraft Tire USA relocated to Rockingham County in 2007 and the experience has been completely positive. From available labor pool, including engineers from several disciplines, to transportation corridors, to available utilities, as well as to quality of life, we have always felt we made the right choice, and we had many options.”


Testimonial_Ruger“Rockingham County NC has been a great place to plant Ruger’s new business expansion. The local folks are hard-working and enthusiastic about contributing to our company’s mission. Ruger could not be more pleased.”

Kalo Foods

Testimonial_KaloFoods“Kalo Foods’ decision to locate our gluten free food production business in Rockingham County has proved to be a good decision.  The county officials have been supportive, accessible, responsive and easy to work with.  We’ve found county residents have  transferable skills and they want business to succeed.  The Community College has tailored classes to train residents in the skills necessary for specific industries and works directly with companies on new training objectives. The highway system gives us easy access to the corporate offices of major grocery chains and the ability to directly service customers in a 300 mile radius. The county continues to build infrastructure and has a good quality of life for families with outdoor activities and no traffic congestion.  It’s a pleasant work and personal environment.”