Ice House Brings Confidence to Rising Entrepreneurs

– Local Entrepreneurship Program Celebrates Graduation of Eight Participants –  

Rockingham County, NC (May 27, 2021) – The Rockingham County Office of Economic Development, Small Business, and Tourism recently hosted their first Ice House Entrepreneurship Program (Ice House). The program, made possible through funding and support through NC IDEA, focused on inspiring and engaging aspiring entrepreneurs through discussions and work pertaining to the principles of entrepreneurship verses the process of becoming a successful professional.

A total of eight participants ranging from ages 17-62, graduated from the program six week program. The series ended with each participant presenting their business plan while integrating the techniques they had acquired through the courses. While no two business plans were alike, they all held the same value of being thoroughly planned out.

“Being successful as an entrepreneur is not about luck; instead, it is about working hard, persevering, and having confidence in your own abilities,” said Joseph Strader, class participant. “This course does a great job of helping you develop the skills you need to succeed as an entrepreneur and also offers a workshop for your business ideas.”

Small business is often referred to as the heartbeat of a community and entrepreneurs are the backbone that hold those small businesses strong and tall. Entrepreneurs bring new and improved products, technologies, and radical innovations which have the ability to transform consumer’s lives as well as the entire economy. Entrepreneurship generates employment opportunities, spawn new markets, and improve productivity. Being a successful entrepreneur takes a certain mindset, will, and willingness to learn, which each of Rockingham County Economic Development’s participants possessed.

“What I love about this course is it really dives into the core skills and qualities it takes to be an entrepreneur, rather than just teaching basic business concepts,” said Adam Mark, Small Business Manager, Rockingham County Economic Development. “The hope is the county can continue to build off of this momentum by integrating this curriculum into a broader eco-system that offers a variety of programs to help grow and sustain both out new and existing small buinesses.”

Although six week program has wrapped up, the original group of graduates plans to continue to meet on a monthly basis to continue building their strong mindset as well as share ideas.

Rockingham County Economic Development is currently planning its next Ice House Entrepreneurship Program, which will tentatively be scheduled for fall 2021. Information will be shared as dates are confirmed.

For more information or questions, please contact Tara Martin, Economic Development Marketing Manager at