Rockingham County Gildan Data


Good to FLOW: Tap into advantages

It’s a thing of beauty: Rockingham County’s mosaic of natural and human-made resources that keep this community running clean and strong. Four rivers and two lakes flow through our county, gorgeous assets for residents, visitors and industry. Meanwhile, Duke Energy’s Dan River combined cycle energy plant leverages cutting edge technology and the clean efficiency of natural gas to produce massive power in a 620-megawatt plant that dramatically reduces air emissions.

That’s why the future looks brighter in Rockingham County: We’re preserving the natural beauty of the air and water, and we’re harnessing our resources responsibly and strategically for industrial productivity—because a bottom line with more “green” is also a thing of beauty.

Water: Clear superiority in supply
Our wealth of liquid assets makes Rockingham County the ideal choice for food processing and beverages operations, with river and municipal daily capacities that include:

Dan River: 1.65 million gallons
Eden River: 20.5 million gallons
Madison: 1.5 million gallons
Mayodan: 1.7 million gallons
Reidsville: 9 million gallons
Stoneville: 300,000 gallons

Electricity: Clean and green for growth.
While Duke Energy’s Dan River plant powers economic growth with 620 megawatts of electricity, the company also provides strategic economic assistance through a variety of programs aimed at supporting businesses ranging from small operations to global industrial leaders. While small businesses can rely on Duke for energy-saving programs and assistance (including free, no-obligation energy assessments), the company also offers critical expertise to assist larger organizations with design and installation support to create operations with the highest level of energy efficiency and productivity. Duke is a powerful partner for growth.

Piedmont Natural Gas: A natural partnership.
Serving over a million residential and industrial customers across North and South Carolina and Tennessee, Piedmont Natural Gas has been headquartered in Charlotte for nearly 25 years, and has proven a natural partner for local industry as a supplier of clean, cost-efficient natural gas, and as a supplier offering tailor-made solutions for infrastructure growth and productivity.

Telecommunications: Enterprise service and speed.
Premier providers AT&T, CenturyLink and the expanding Charter Communications (Spectrum) assure your operations of leading-edge solutions with enterprise-wide applicability, from needed bandwidth to networking and cloud capabilities, VPN and VoIP, conferencing and more.