Rockingham Apprenticeship and Technical Opportunities Program (RockATOP): Creating a career pathway for students and industries

Rockingham Apprenticeship and Technical Opportunities Partnership (RockATOP) was formed in October of 2013. The group was comprised of RCS staff, RCC staff, business and community leaders with the purpose of developing a comprehensive career pathway system. A comprehensive career pathway system is comprised of a sequence of academic and technical courses that span both high school and college that are specific to a particular career. A comprehensive pathway system is also comprised critical workbased experience opportunities such as internships and apprenticeships. Internship opportunities were included within RockATOP since its inception, however Apprenticeship Opportunities were not made available to students until 2017. RockATOP looks forward to establishing this critical component of our pathway system with its founding RockATOP apprenticeship partners.

Companies currently participating in RockATOP’s apprenticeship program are:

  • Machine Specialties Inc.
  • Bridgestone Aircraft Tire
  • Smith Carolina
  • Keystone Foods
  • Pine Hall Brick
  • ABCO Automation
  • Beta Fueling Systems

Download the RockATOP Brochure HERE.

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