A good deal MORE POWER.

WorkForceDataTime and again in survey after survey, chief executives have identified skilled labor and labor costs as critical factors in relocation decisions. That’s good news for Rockingham County, and great news for companies looking to locate here.

In a right-to-work state with the lowest unionization rates in the nation, Rockingham County offers a good deal in workforce—that is, a good deal in costs that also includes a great deal more in value. With a labor pool of 900,000+ within a 50-mile radius, Rockingham County is sized to handle operational needs.  Add to that leading community college education and training right here locally—including custom training—Rockingham County is ready to work now. In this community, industry has the power of skill, size, and cost competitiveness.

A good deal in labor is fine, but a good deal more is what global standards demand—and that means Rockingham County.

Download Economic Overview – 50 mile radius

Download Rockingham County Economic Overview