A good deal MORE PREPARED.

Skills: One word, but in a global market that one word means one whole world of opportunity for workers, their employers and their communities. By ingraining skills training at the community level, the non-profit ACT WorkReady initiative is changing the face and fortunes of American manufacturing through comprehensive assessment.
Counties certified as WorkReady employ ACT WorkKeys®, a nationally-validated assessment tool used to evaluate and analyze workplace skills, leading to the award of Career Readiness Certificates (CRCs) for documented proficiency in:

  • Applied mathematics—including problem solving.
  • Locating and using workplace information—such as maps, graphs and diagrams.
  • Reading for information—in policies, memos and regulations.

More than 50 years of experience in profiling needed skills has enabled ACT to develop an exhaustive database of job requirements and to refine WorkKeys® for a robust and precise measurement of skill levels. The four levels of CRCs begin with bronze (demonstrating core skills needed by 35% of profiled jobs) and move through silver and gold to platinum (demonstrating core skills needed by 99% of profiled jobs). These critical measurements are then be used by employers for hiring and ranking job applicants.



A united goal: Rockingham has committed to become a certified Work Ready community with a goal that could be described as the “three C’s”:

  • As a community, we are working together to create a better workforce.
  • Together, we are creating a culture that emphasizes continuing education and skill development.
  • As a county, we recognize the importance of a strong competitive workforce.

Although the process was begun only in January 2016, Rockingham County is well on its way to WorkReady certification, since leading county employers have long integrated WorkKeys into workforce assessment. Our WorkReady certification is formal acknowledgement of a continuous quest for workforce quality that defines our county. You are in a good place, because we are better prepared. For more information